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Cacia ? ? ?

Who is Cacia?

Cacia Training Solutions provides workshops on the soft skills that help you be better at what you do.  Topics include. . . .

Goal Setting

Time Management

Work Life Balance

Cacia’s Philosophy

At Cacia we believe that the key to a success is taking life’s experiences and learning from them.  There is always an opportunity to learn and learning is the foundation of growth and progress. 

What does Cacia mean?

Cacia comes from a word with Greek origins acacia.  It means thorny tree.  Acacia also has biblical representation as it is the tree that Moses saw in the Bible. 

How do I pronounce Cacia?

Cacia is pronounced (

Why did we choose the name Cacia?

We wanted a name that was different and liked that it represented a tree.  Life is about growth and expansion and we feel that a tree is the perfect symbol to represent Cacia’s philosophy.
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  1. February 12, 2008 2:22 pm

    I had no idea that your business was pronounced that way!

    This is my daughter named, but its spelled Kaysha.

    How are you? Great Blog by the way.

    Karen Lopez
    City of Mississauga
    Promotions Coordinator

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