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5 Rules To Live By (44)

October 27, 2008

5 Rules To Live By

by Charmaine Hunte


As a civil society there are certain rules that we live by that are in place to maintain order.  As a driver think back to time when you were at a traffic light where the lights were malfunctioning and had to do a 4 way stop.  Now imagine how chaotic it is when one or more drivers do not follow the 4 way stop rules.


Do you have rules that you live by for you and your family.  If you don’t you should.  Instead of using the word rules I exchanged it with boundaries, some would argue that it would be too rigid.  The reality is that boundaries can be very freeing because it allows order and brings freedom into your life.  Boundaries teach people how to treat you but also teach you how to treat yourself.  Boundaries define what you say Yes and No to in your life. 


So many times we sacrifice what is most important to us because we assume that we have more time to make it right, but we don’t.  Respect yourself by setting boundaries that honour your most valuable priorities.




1.              Always be true to yourself

2.              Allow yourself to acknowledge your feelings

3.              Build & maintain healthy self esteem

4.              Don’t say yes, when you mean no

5.              Give in the spirit of giving not to get


Use the following rules to the beginning of setting the boundaries that will create balance in your life.


Know thyself means this, that you get acquainted with what you know, and what you can do.”  Menander


Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated.


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