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Love & Warmth (40)

September 29, 2008

Love & Warmth

How’s Your Love Life?

by Charmaine Hunte


“Be the change you want to see in the world!”  Mahatma Gandhi


I have saved the most powerful emotion for last.  Love.  To live a rich and balanced life you need to have equal combinations of four types of loves.

·      Physical Love

·      Spiritual Love

·      Mental Love

·      Emotional Love


Your Physical Love is the strength of your connections with others your family and friends.  It is the memories and experiences you share.  In Physical love there is no room for regret and guilt it is about living your values and creating the Dash you want to have remembered.


Spiritual Love is your connection to the belief that there is a higher power than you.  It is an understanding that you are unique and are here with a purpose to fulfill.  When you are in alignment with your Spiritual love you feel complete and whole.  There is a confidence that you are following the right path.




Mental Love is being kind to yourself and managing your thoughts.  What kind of support would you give a friend in need?  Remember that you need to manage your thoughts by controlling your self talk, that means your self talk communications should be as supportive as you would be to a friend.  When your Mental love life is in order your thoughts are a blossoming garden of possibilities, not a garbage pit.


Emotional Love is being in tune with your feelings and allowing yourself to experience them.  Imbalance arrives when we suppress feelings.  Let them out and move on, feelings are meant to be an expression of who we are.  When we are in tune with our feelings the better you will be able to control them and change them as needed.


So why are these Loves important, because being in a state of love is contagious.  It will affect everyone around you and bring abundance, happiness and opportunity in your direction.  Be aware that Hate and Anger are contagious as well, so it’s up to you to decide what you want to attract back to you.


Renew your passions daily.”  Abbe Yeux-verdi

“Follow your passion, and success will follow you.”  Arthur Buddhold

Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated.


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