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5 Confidence Builders (36)

September 1, 2008


by Charmaine Hunte


Are you aware of how you feel right now?  Do you feel bad, good or GREAT?  Remember Two Wolves and Are You Happy post!  You have to choose which emotions you feed.  For the month of September Cacia Chronicles will focus on the emotions that will charge you to act and achieve your goals.


Confidence is like a muscle, the more you flex it the stronger it gets.  All successful people experience this emotion on a regular basis. All successful people experience this emotion on a regular basis.  Confidence is having the belief that you are capable of making the right decisions at the right time and having the evidence to prove it.  It is an emotion that you can build with practice.  Here is an example  . . . “I am confident that you can brush your teeth.”  I can say that because as an adult you’ve had plenty of practice with it.  Now imagine what you could achieve if you take the confidence you have to brush your teeth and applied it to other areas of your life.  If you were more confident how would that affect your personal life, career and family?  The possibilities are endless.  So if you are not experiencing the level of success that you want in your, consider raising your confidence level with the 5 following tips.


5 Confidence Builders

1.    Set a goal.

2.    Take action now that moves you towards your goal.

3.    Relive moments you experienced confidence before any challenge.

4.    Manage your beliefs and thoughts so that they are encouraging.

5.    Celebrate every victory.






A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.”  David Brinkley


Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated.


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