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Nurturing You (31)

July 28, 2008


by Charmaine Hunte


Do you have plants at home?  Do you ever notice that if you forget to water them the plants begin to show signs of neglect?  At that point we have 2 choices to either water the plant or neglect the plant by saying “I’ll water it later.  If we neglect it long enough it eventually dies.


Now let’s pretend you are the plant.  Are you taking the time to self nurture or are you putting that off too?  Our bodies are so sophisticated that we just like the plants give signals when we are in need of self care.  The problem is that we have become quite skilled at ignoring these signals.  Scientists are now proving that many illnesses are signals of neglecting proper healthy self care. In order to achieve your life goals you need to take of you so that you can live to enjoy your achievement.  Here are 10 steps to Healthy Self Care. . .

1.         Smile & Laugh often

2.         Eat healthy meals and snacks

3.         Wake up 15 minutes earlier

4.         Recite positive affirmations

5.         Have positive thoughts and energy

6.         Create a vision board of the goals you want to focus on 1st

7.         Have goals and take actions towards them every day

8.         Do something that you are passionate about

9.         Have at least 10 minutes of quiet time every day

10.     Floss





“The happiest life is that which constantly exercises and educates what is best in us.”  Hamerton


Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated.


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