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Learn Something New (23)

June 2, 2008

Continuous Learning

by Charmaine Hunte


My birthday is at the end of this month, so I often find that I do a life review every 6 months in January and in June.  This month at Cacia Chronicles is all about rebirth.  June is the half way mark of the year and a perfect time for view of life to determine what’s working and what you need to let go of.  Almost every company now conducts a performance appraisal of an employee’s efforts, so if it is good enough for your employer why are you not using it to manage the business of your life.  Is your life not your most important business and worthy of the same time and attention?


Do you sometimes feel like you’re stuck?


The cure for that is to try something new.  Being a creature of habit it is easy for us to become complacent.  When we try something new, we are forced to use the right side of our brain – the creative side.  In a new activity we are charged, energized and challenge.  It is amazing how trying something new in 1 area or our lives creates opportunities in other areas as well.  Here are 5 opportunities to learn something new . . .


  1. Take a cooking class
  2. Try a new sport
  3. Learn a new skill like knitting, sewing, home or car repair
  4. Learn a new language
  5. Improve a skill

 Sprouting Bean 

 So as long as a person is capable of self-renewal, they are a living being.  Henri Frederic Amiel



Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated.


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