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The Ripple Effect (20)

May 12, 2008

The Ripple Effect

What do your actions say about you?

by Charmaine Hunte


As a child I loved skipping rocks and watching the ripples it made in the water.  Wow!  It always amazed me how one rock could cause some many ripples.


It’s the same thing with the actions we take our lives.  From the moment we get up to when we go to bed we subconsciously engage in many actions.  Just to prove my point could you give a detailed account of everything you did in the last 24 hours?  Probably not, most people couldn’t and that’s okay as that is not the point of this post.  Many of those actions lead to positive results that moved you closer to your end goal and unfortunately some did not.  Deep down we know that there are things that we could do that would make our lives better and even as the logical beings that we are we put those tasks off.  Overtime we become overwhelmed because the necessary tasks that we put off for so long now they seem huge.  Many times our solution to that problem is to put it off some more.



Water Drops 

Successful people are responsible and effective because the take actions that get them results.  They make early decisions about the path they wish to take and they commit to following through on their plan.  You can do the same in your life by doing these 5 things . . .


Decisions:         Be conscious and aware of the ripple effect of your decisions.  Do you really need 6 cookies or will 1 do?  Do you really need another black (dress/coat/shoes)?  To have positive results your actions must be based on great decisions.


Commitment:   The secret is you already know deep down what YOU need to do to make your life better, the trick is committing to the right ripples.


Plan:                  “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”  Prepare, prepare, prepare.  If you want to stick to your diet and know that you will be tempted by cravings, make sure that you always have healthy snacks with you.  If shopping gets you in trouble find an activity to replace shopping.


Ripples:             Choose your actions wisely.  It is the small consistent actions you take every day that will make the most impact.


Reward:            Over time you will reap the reward by implementing the above steps into your life.  It is very important that you take time to acknowledge your successes, so don’t forget to celebrate your successes.


“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.”  Peter Marshall


Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated.


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