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April 21, 2008


The Freedom to Be

by Charmaine Hunte


Do you ever have a day or a couple of days when you can’t seem to get things right?  You know you are not at your best and you are not quite sure how to fix it.  Sometimes you just need to let go and give yourself a day off.


It could be a day off from your job if you get personal days or a change or pace if you work from home.  A little bit of planning saves time not decreases it. 




Often we are like robots on auto pilot who methodically get through the day from the time we wake up to the time we go back to bed.  With the days blurring from Monday to Sunday, then all of a sudden weeks, months and seasons go by and we are left wondering where the time went.


Time management is about conscious awareness about what we do.  It is a skill that can be learned but it requires effort.  The more time that you want to reclaim in your day the more effort will be required.


I am sure that you have heard the saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”  Have you ever stop to think what does that really mean?  Many people say that I have no time to plan “I’m too busy!”


A woman named Doris had just taken out the ham she prepared for a family gathering, her daughter Jill, a young child with wisdom beyond her years came wandering by and began to observe her mother.  Doris was very frazzled as she still had a lot left to do before her guests arrived and she started to cut the ham.


 “Mommy, wouldn’t it be faster if you sharpen the knife before you cut the ham?” 


Doris replied “Not now honey, mommy is busy cutting up the ham, I’ll sharpen the knife later.”


We all only get 24 hours a day, time management is being in control of the choices we make about how we spend our time.


To be a good time manager you want to think of your blocks of time as an investment.  Now asks yourself if the tasks that take up most of your time bring value or decrease value to your investment?


The irony is that when you are the master of your time, you actually get more time to do the things you want to do.  You gain freedom and flexibility.


So make a plan to take the day off to relax, recharge and regroup.  Be creative and figure how to incorporate a regular scheduled day into your lifestyle.


“It’s not the load that breaks you down – it’s the way you carry it.”  Lou Holtz


Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated.


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