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Top 10 Reasons To Party (14)

March 31, 2008

Top 10 Reasons To Party

Celebrating Your Victories

by Charmaine Hunte

Do you love a good party?

I do too.  Celebrating is a very important part of being balanced and there is no reason why you can’t add more celebration to your life right now.

  Have you won the lottery, graduated, had a baby, gotten married, started a business or a new job?  These are some of the success markers that we are socially accepted to celebrate in an animated and energetic way.  Have you ever said these words “It’s no big deal; Anyone could have done it; I was just doing my job”?  All of these phrases undermine the many victories that happen daily in your life.  You have unique talents and gifts that only you can share and it’s time to celebrate and do your Happy Dance.   

For most of us the success markers mentioned above do not happen on a daily basis, but there are personal victories happening all the time. 

  • The extra push you gave in your exercise routine.
  • You made it to the gym today.
  • You completed today’s task list by noon. (A victory I am striving for)
  • You resisted that 2nd piece of cheesecake. (Another victory I am striving for)
  • You didn’t lose your temper today.
  • You chose the right wolf.
  • You were grateful.
  • You closed a huge business deal.
  • Completed a major project.

 I could go on but I hope that you are starting to think about the victories in your own life.


“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Oprah Winfrey

  Here is my Top 10 Reasons To Party . . .  

  1. It makes you feel alive.  It gets you pumped and energized.
  2. A great motivator.  We all need something to look forward to, by adding the reward for a goal realized we stay motivated to continue.
  3. Brings awareness.  Other than on a resume have you taken the time to review your accomplishments?
  4. Keeps you focused.  The greatest motivator in achieving a goal is seeing the progress you are making along the way.
  5. Involvement. You have the opportunity to share and motivate others and maybe even brag a little bit (just a little though or you will get annoying)
  6. Puts you in action mode.  With a track record and game plan, you now know what to do next.
  7. Abundance.  6 and 7 go together and create more victories to celebrate.
  8. Stretch.  Challenges you to do more than you ever though you could do.
  9. The Fruits.  Brings more opportunities for you to take advantage of.
  10. It`s fun. Can`t we all use just a little more joy?

Now that you have the Top 10 Reasons Party, I will leave the creative part of figuring out how you are going to celebrate your victories to you.  Have fun with it and enjoy, but I will leave you with one exercise for the week. 

Exercise:  Create your own happy dance if you don`t already have one.  We all need one.  I have mine.

  “Repeated success is the natural result of celebrating your victories today!” Charmaine Hunte 

Check out the Free Tools section for your printable Victories Log.  Start celebrating today! 

Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated. 

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