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Are You Happy ? (13)

March 24, 2008

Are You Happy ?


by Charmaine Hunte

I’m so happy being me

So happy being me

I’m regretting nothing, ‘bout me

To busy living life, living love freely

So happy being me . . .

Chorus from Happy Being Me Angie Stone (The Art of Love & War)

Does this describe you?

Would you like it to be?

If you would like it to be you then you need to start practicing the Art of Gratitude. I am really enjoying Angie Stone’s The Art of Love & War CD. The song Happy Being Me has been really speaking to me lately about the power of being Grateful. Gratitude is about being present and having the ability to focus on right now. Gratitude allows you the opportunity to pause and reflect. In the busyness of our daily lives we often get caught up in what is coming next, forgetting to enjoy the present and appreciating it for what it really is a gift.


“To bring more into your life be grateful for what is beautiful today!” Charmaine Hunte

If you are not currently practicing the Art of Gratitude, here are a few reasons why you should . . .

1. It feels good.

2. It keeps you focused on the present moment.

3. Gives you momentum and energy.

4. Allows alignment with the universe to provide more of what you are grateful for.

5. Helps you to recognize opportunities to reach your goals.

Incorporating gratitude into your life is easy. You can do it right now. List 5 things you are grateful for right now. For the next 30 days start the day by writing 5 things that you are grateful for. Once you have mastered 5 increase it to 10, 20 & beyond. There are plenty of things for you to be grateful for in your life if you are willing to take the time to reflect. Being grateful for what you have is the quickest way to bring more of the same into your life. Still need some help with gratitude; here are 5 things you can be grateful for right now . . .

1. You’re alive.

2. Your family, friends & pets.

3. You can read this post.

4. You & your unique gifts.

5. You have endless opportunities. (if you are willing to look for and act on them)

“I am grateful for the opportunity to live on this beautiful and astonishing planet Earth.In the morning I wake up with a sense of gratitude.” Earl Nightingale

Check out the Free Tools section for your printable Gratitude Journal page.

Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated.

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  1. June 27, 2010 5:59 am

    I lke this and will return to read more.

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