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Is Your Why Strong ? (7)

February 11, 2008

Is Your Why Strong?

The Fuel of Your Dreams 


Are your goals materializing?

If yes, that GREAT!  That means you are living by intention.  If not, you can probably give me a lot of reasons why not.

That’s a problem.  Are you choosing to focus on the problem or the solution?  Are you able to make the consistent small decisions today that have massive long term impact on the success of your goals?

  “Intention grows where focus goes”

Each and every one of us experiences life`s hiccups but you need to start focusing on the reasons that will motivate you to keep going.  Let me give you an example . . .

Goal:  I will exercise 3 days a week.

WHY I Can’t

·      No time ·      Gives me energy
·      Don’t feel like it ·      Great for morale
·      I’m tired ·      Keeps me healthy
·      It’s Monday . . . ·      Creates more time
·      The weather’s bad ·      I look better
  ·      I feel better
  ·      I make better choices
  ·      Clears my head
  ·      Great example for my family

Take a look of the goal list that you printed out and ask yourself if your daily decisions support the list on the right or the left.  The list on the left is the excuses that hold you back.  The list on the right is the reasons that drive you forward.  If you refer back to the SMART system (blog 2 and 3) your answers to this question is a great way to measure your success on your goals.  Are you starting to get the picture?

Your WHYs for your goals must be stronger than the WHYs against your goals.  A long and detailed list of WHYs are the fuel of your dreams that will motivate you.  For instance in the example above you would have your workout clothes with you and when you thought about you WHY list you would be able to overcome the excuses.  This will not happen overnight, it will take time but eventually it will get easier and become natural awareness.

Your WHY list will give you the muscle to make quicker and better decisions, like any other muscle it must be stretched.  It`s the clarity to keep going through both the highs and the lows of your success journey.

To be effective your WHY list must be written down and visible, this creates a connection on a sub conscious level that is at work even when you are not aware of it.  Think of a sprout of a plant, you water it daily and make not notice the changes and then one day you have this blooming plant.  Your WHY list works the same way. 

To help maximize the power or your sub conscious I have included a WHY list that you can print your own WHY list.

Take advantage of your own sub conscious power today !

Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated

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  1. Ronny permalink
    March 5, 2008 1:47 am

    This website is ssomewhat like having a personal coach to motivate oneself and keep one on track.

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