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What’s In Your Bag? (6)

February 4, 2008

What’s In Your Bag?

Are your beliefs moving you 

forward or holding you back? 


I believe. I receive. Now!

Those 5 words are really the key to creating and making your goals come true. 

Unfortunately they can be the source of your problems as well.  Let me explain.  If I were to come over to your house right now and dump 2 bags full of trash in your living room, I am pretty sure you would tell me where to go and exactly where I could stuff my 2 bags of garbage.  Yet each and every one of us allows others to dump their verbal garbage on us all the time.  Sometimes it is old message tapes from our childhood, siblings, family members, friends and coworkers.  Their intentions are for the most part well meaning but a lot of the time it is just their stuff that they are dumping on others.  Have you ever heard  the saying ‘misery loves company’?  It is the exact same principle with verbal garbage. 

The worst part about others dumping their stuff on us is that we over time adopt their stuff and claim it as our own.  Pretty soon the beliefs that are guiding our lives are more negative than positive.  Our alignment and balance becomes skewed as we move further away from what we truly want.  So how do I realign you ask . . .


By being conscious of what you believe.

If you are not in alignment, then you need to take the immediate necessary steps to change your beliefs to match your goals.  For the month of February we will concentrate on Beliefs & Motivation.

B → T→ F → A = R

Your core Beliefs trigger your Thoughts influence your Feelings which creates your Actions that equals your Results. 

So what does that really mean to you.  It means that what you truly believe deep down is the foundation that motivates every decision that you make.  That includes all decisions good and bad.  If you are not where you want to be in a certain area of your life, it is time to start asking yourself what you really believe.

I believe. I receive. Now!

Those are such powerful and inspiring words to me because it means that I have the power to change.  Every day is a new day, an opportunity.  If you have had some beliefs that have held you back in the past, now is the time to acknowledge them and create new beliefs to replace them.  Stay tuned for a month of Belief & Motivation.

Make today your new day!

Your comments and thoughts are always appreciated

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