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Execute (4)

January 28, 2008


Green means GO!


Execute:verb To carry out fully: put completely into effectTo do what is provided or required

To make or produce

To perform

 Alright, you have you List that it is aligned with the SMART system, printed and placed somewhere you can see it every day.  Now what! 

It’s time to execute. 

We are 3 full weeks into 2008.  In fact studies have researched that it takes approximately 21 days for a new habit to form.  It can however take 3 months or more for you to do the new habit unconsciously.  No matter where you are at, keep going. 

I have heard that the best way to eat an elephant is one small bite at a time.  While I have no intention of eating an elephant any time soon, the analogy applies to your goals as well.  Take a look at your list (road map) and decide where you are going to start and then break that goal into mini tasks.

You want to continually ask yourself the following question . . .

 What can I do (right now, today, this week & this month) to achieve my goal?    

The answer to that question will be the action steps you need to perform and this will also provide you the information to measure your success or areas of challenge.  This Q & A exercise forces you to focus, puts you into action and builds momentum.  A positive success cycle has now been created that provides you the energy and drive to recreate it over and over. 

I would like to share with you a story I once heard . . .  

“A woman had been discussing her goal to lose weight with her coach.  They were having a challenge as the woman wanted to lose weight but she hated exercise.  So the coach suggested that for the following week she just had to get dressed to exercise.  The lady committed to getting dressed to exercise 3 times that week. At the next session the coach asked how she did and the woman advised that I didn’t get dressed to exercise 3 times this week it was actually 5.  She explained that she felt so silly putting on her workout clothes and doing nothing that she decided to go for a walk.  She then met someone else with a similar goal and now they walk everyday together.”   

Whatever your goal is you just need to start, create the momentum and the rest will come.  Your List was just the start.  It is your road map to success and all you need to DO is follow the directions you created for yourself.  This requires commitment that is in direct proportion to the goal you want to achieve.  You can MAKE it happen.  All you need to do is EXECUTE. 

“Act on the extreme urgency of now” Martin Luther King Jr. 

Next Cacia Chronicle:  January 31, 2008 – The Top 5 Goals that I have received from you. 

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