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Are You SMART ? (2)

January 21, 2008

Are You SMART?

I’m sure you are, but are your goals?

Last we I asked you to join me on a journey, and I would like to apologize as I was not completely fair.  I provided you a Goal Worksheet but I did not share with you how to use it.

That’s where SMART fits in. 

Some of you may have already heard of the SMART system for goals, so for you this may be a little refresher.  Using SMART provides the road map to achieving your goals.  It is the difference between a wish (something you would like) and a goal (something you commit to).  SMART forces you to write it down on paper and provides you the details and clarity you need to see the goal through to success.

 “Man is a goal seeking animal.  His life only has meaningif he is reaching out and striving for his goal.” Aristotle 

SMART is an acronym for the following . . .

S Specific Make your goal focused on 1 topic and the more details you can add the better.  For example, you could break down your top 5 into the following categories . . .Personal – Education, Growth, Purchases, TravellingFamily – Relationship building

Physical – Health, Exercise, Wellbeing

Finance – Money, Career

Contribution – What am going to give back?

M Measurable You need to have markers to measure your success.  A great way to measure is in Monthly, Weekly & Daily mini- goals.
A Attainable Is it reasonable for you or are you reaching for someone else’s goal.  Your goals should be all about you, not what others want for you.
R Relevant Does the goal challenge and stretch you beyond your comfort zone?
T Time Sensitive Does it have a due date?

 Once you are ready to write out your goal, check to make sure it includes the following elements . . .

  • Uses SMART
  • Written in the present tense
  • Written in first person

Here is an example . . .

I exercise 5 days a week.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” Yogi Berra

Comments are always welcomed.

Next Cacia Chronicle:  January 28. 

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